Research Stack

Angles win campaigns. In today’s environment, we have access to more information than ever before to craft winning angles and narratives for our clients. To meet those challenges, they need systems and scale. That’s why Look Ahead Strategies (LAS) has developed the “Research Stack,” a unique combination of comprehensive resources and datasets designed to equip our clients with the competitive edge necessary to win their next campaign.

LAS leverages thousands of state and local databases, over 200 national public databases, and more than 25 premium subscription-paid databases, such as Bloomberg Terminal, Lexis Nexis, and IQ Media. Our unparalleled “Research Stack” benefits from our very own proprietary systems such as Pundit Analytics, which tracks Twitter and fundraising emails in real-time. LAS’s capabilities also extend to FOIA expertise along with an unprecedented national network of field research analysts to quickly access difficult-to-obtain records from localities and courthouses.

This information is synthesized by a team of leading professional political researchers who have worked with thousands of campaigns up and down the ballot, including Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senate, U.S. House, state legislative, statewide, and Supreme Court races. We’ve also worked with dozens of issue advocacy groups and ballot initiative campaigns across the country. Our goal is not to simply find all of the relevant information, but to provide our clients with every resource, insight, and angle necessary to craft their next winning narrative.

Our Team

Experience on Thousands of Campaigns


Diversified Expertise

Presidential • Gubernatorial • U.S. Senate • U.S. House • Statewide Offices • State Legislative • Issue Advocacy • Ballot Initiatives

Resources & Databases


25+, including: Nexis • Pacer • IQ Media • CQ • Bloomberg Terminal • Guidestar • Credit Safe • Newsbank • Courtlink

Proprietary Services


Hundreds of national public databases and thousands of state & local databases


Field Research

Nationwide and international network of on-the-ground analysts with local expertise

FOIA Programs

Experts in sending requests and managing ongoing programs